Wine Club

As a member, you receive a host of benefits including exclusive access to first tastings of limited production wines, special winemaking opportunities and events, and VIP treatment at our winery. Additionally, each year Milagro hand selects an array of wines that showcase the diversity and exceptional quality Milagro has to offer. These wines are the foundation for Milagro‚Äôs Wine Clubs. 

We offer two club options for you to join: Vintner's Club or Boulder's Club

Wine allotments are released in May and November and must be picked up from the Tasting Room within 60 days of the release. It is free to join and the cost of each allotment is dependent upon the wine varietals our staff chooses to include.

New members who sign-up are required to stay in the Wine Club for at least one allotment, otherwise they will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

We also have a Refer a Friend program. The first time you refer a friend and they join the Wine Club you receive:

All referrals that join after that, you will receive:

*The store credit only applies to Tasting Room purchases and cannot be used towards your allotments.

You will receive your referral credit after your friend is charged for their first allotment. 

If you are interested in more information or would like to join our wine club, please contact  our Wine Club Manager Megan: