milagro wedding team

Melissa herring
General Manager


Melissa has been a part of Milagro for five years. She has turned Milagro into one of the most sought out wedding venues in all of San Diego. Growing the weddings from just 5 per year to 50 or more per year! After countless emails and months of planning with the couple, Melissa loves to see each couple's special day come to life.

Favorite Wedding Song: "Shout"
Favorite Milagro Wine: 2017 Chardonnay 
Favorite Wedding Moment: Driving the Couple Around for Photos


Wedding & Events Assistant Manager

Danielle has been with the Milagro team for two and half years. She conducts site tours for potential couples so she is the first face of the wedding team you will meet. She loves the end of the ceremony when the officiant announces, "you may now kiss your bride".

Favorite Wedding Song: "Friends in Low Places"           Favorite Milagro Wine: 2016 Rose                                 Favorite Wedding Moment: Taking the Couple Out for Sunset Photos


Ashleigh and Brittany COMING SOON!



we are very passionate about what we do and put our all into each and every wedding. we cannot wait to meet you and be part of one of the most important days in your life!

*Photos courtesy of Red Trolley Studio. Hair & Makeup by Blush & Adore.