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Kiri Cragin-Folwell
February 4, 2022 | Kiri Cragin-Folwell

3 Unique Ideas to Preserve your Bouquet Forever

3 Unique Ideas to Preserve your Bouquet Forever

Floral display at a winery wedding in Ramona California

PC:Jessica Schmuckle Photography

If you’re getting married at Milagro Winery in Ramona, California’s most gorgeous outdoor wedding venue, then you’re for sure a lover of all things nature and floral. Our venue is draped in greenery and natural textures that enhance and elevate every event. 

Don’t leave your bouquet behind, though! Take the florals from your special day at Milagro Winery and preserve them for life, so you can always remember your fun in our flora. Here’s three unique ideas to keep your wedding bouquet forever:

Resin Art

You can DIY a pressed, resin memento to hang on your wall, or you can find plenty of people on Etsy who will do it without all the mess.


Make it a date night activity to paint your florals, or hire a professional! Frame and keep it forever.

Floral bouquet ornament to save your wedding flowers


Everytime you decorate your Christmas tree, you’ll be able to enjoy your arrangement all over again! Can you just picture your kids using these and asking about every flower type? Drop ship them to a professional or do it yourself!


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Megan Creed
February 21, 2018 | Megan Creed

Jeff & Paige // February 2017

Off-peak season weddings are not as popular as those summer weddings (hence the name). However, if you are interested in what a February wedding at Milagro looks like, you've come to the right place!

Jeff & Paige, February 2017

This particular wedding was a little different than most of our other weddings due to the dreaded "R" word. You guessed it, rain! Luckily, Paige and Jeff went with the flow (literally) and made the best of their big day. They decided to forego a tent at the ceremony site and instead hold their ceremony inside the Wine Cave. Fortunately their guest count was just the right size! With the patio covered by a reception tent, guests were still able to enjoy a little bit of the outdoors before moving back into the Wine Cave for a dance party. With Disney inspiration, Paige and Jeff's wedding was stunning despite the weather.


Fun fact: The necklace Paige wore on the day of her wedding lists the coordinates of the winery!


From the bride: "Jeff lived next door to my family and we were friends for years before we ever even started dating. Lots of Game nights and family dinners :) We have been together for 7 years now."





About their proposal: "Jeff and I took a vacation with family to Maui, HI. I booked a photo shoot for the two of us since I had never had professional portraits of us before. He proposed at Sunset for the photographer to capture it :)"


"We love to travel together and go camping. That is one of the reasons we loved Milagro, we love being in the mountains!"







About their wedding day: "It was a beautiful rainy February day at Milagro Winery. The ceremony was held in the Wine Cave, which gave the ceremony an intimate and romantic setting (I believe this was the first time Milagro had a ceremony in there??) Inspired by our love for the outdoors, our day was filled with lanterns, touches of wood decorations, and greenery."



DJ: Sound Prodigy
Catering: Bekkers Catering
Photographers: Shane and Lauren Photography
Florist: I Do Flowers For You
Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes
Coordination: Milagro Winery

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Megan Creed
January 24, 2018 | Megan Creed

Gabe & Myrranda // January 2017


Welcome to the first blog of 2018! I am looking forward to sharing more content with you this year. I have a fantastic lineup including a few of our favorite weddings of 2017.


To begin, I have Gabe and Myrranda's beautiful wedding from January 2017. I have been DYING to blog their wedding since then and you will see why shortly. Their photos from Shuttergram Portraits are unreal! The overcast day provided the perfect backdrop for this stunning couple and their romantic wedding.


From the bride: "We met through our nutrition company while I was working at mine and my parents' nutrition club. We started hanging out a few months later, and even though I turned him down multiple times when he asked me to be his girlfriend, he didn’t give up. It took a few more months until I finally said yes."




"Every year we go to my grandparents' house in Escalante, UT for Pioneer days in July. The last night, the town does fireworks and my family sits in the backyard to watch. Gabe and I were cuddled up on a lawn chair, and after the fireworks everyone else went inside. He looked down at me and asked me if I would marry him. I of course said yes thinking that we were just talking about it like we’d done before. As we kissed, he slid the ring onto my finger."






"Our wedding day was, by far, so much more than I could’ve ever dreamed! I was so nervous all morning, it was hard to focus and get ready. Even while I was walking with my dad, I think I just kept saying how nervous I was. As soon as I saw Gabe standing at the end of the isle, it all went away. After the ceremony, it felt like the whole day went by so fast! One of my favorite memories is when we were cutting our cake, I had made Gabe promise to not shove cake in my face, but it was a little boring, so got a small dab of frosting on my finger and smeared in on his cheek. Didn’t really have plan after that, so panicked and just ran, but he definitely got me back. Our reception was a blast , I didn’t want it to end. We’ve had people all year still talk to us about how much fun they had at our wedding and how great everything was! Seriously don’t think I could’ve imagined a more perfect day!"

Coordination: Milagro

Photography: Shuttergram Portraits

Catering: Bekker's

DJ: Battleson Entertainment

Florist: Flowers by Erin

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Megan Creed
December 27, 2017 | Megan Creed

Kevin & Cassie // December 2016

Happy holidays! Thank you so much for following along with each blog post this year. We have a lot in store for you next year and we are very excited to continue sharing our beautiful weddings with you.

Kevin and Cassie's wedding is the perfect blend of a bohemian and eclectic style from the gemstone named tables to the flower-crown-wearing skull (his name is Brain!). This December day made for the perfect backdrop for their beautiful wedding. Their first look on our lake dock was to DIE for, to say the least. Kevin and Cassie's family and closest friends watched as they tied the knot underneath our Big Tree then danced the night away beneath the market lights. It was the perfect ending to our 2016 season and is an equally perfect way to tie up the end of 2017.















Photography: Jerome Park

Catering: San Diego Pizza Company

Coordination: Milagro Winery

DJ: Fernando Flores

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Megan Creed
November 29, 2017 | Megan Creed

Tyler & Sirena // November 2016

Sirena and Tyler's nuptials took place on a sunny November afternoon below the Arch Tree. During their ceremony, they poured different sands together to symbolize the blending of their lives into one. With touches of greenery and beautiful calligraphy, their guests enjoyed their simple, rustic reception below the market lights and danced the night away.









Catering: Salt and Lime

Coordination: Milagro Winery

Photographer: Ray Gauger

DJ: DJ Luis the Beast

Makeup: Heather Miinch

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Megan Creed
October 25, 2017 | Megan Creed

Erika & David // October 2016

From the magnificent, fall-inspired floral arrangements created by Layered Vintage to the hand-lettered seating chart made by the bride, this wedding evokes all the romanctic feelings. The inclusion of their law enforcement love story into their wedding is beyond dreamy. Captured by Analisa Joy, Erika and David's wedding day is sure to have you in awe.



"David and I met in October of 2014 and began dating in January 2015 (Just shy of three years together now). We had a fairly quick courtship but David told me on our second date he was going to marry me one day. I remember thinking to myself, "Yea, you're probably right." 



 "David and I met in the police academy. David actually first noticed me at our orientation the week prior. We were both recruits with the same department so we hung out in the same group and sat together in class and at lunch. We started harmlessly flirting in class, hiding each other's pens, name tags and lint rollers as we left for our 10 minute breaks. We were also partners in our Defensive Tactics class, wrestling with each other four hours a weeks for six months. I gave him a bloody nose one day!" 



"Oh David's proposal... As soon as David had the ring he couldn't wait to give it to me. My mom says he was at a loss on where to do it. They were discussing places that were meaningful to our relationship when he landed on where we met... the Academy."

"David says I had no idea, but I knew the minute he exited the freeway. There was no other reason to take that exit then to go to the academy. David took both my hands in his and told me this is where it all began and where he fell in love with me. He said I'm his best friend and he wants to spend forever with me. He dropped to one knee and with a big smile said, "Erika will you marry me?" Hugs, Kisses, tears and then he pulled out his phone and started texting... our families were up the road and were there to congratulate us after."








"Our wedding day was all my little girl and big girl wedding dreams come true. I remember feeling more at ease than I thought possible for such a day. But I think when everything feels so right, there is nothing to be nervous about. I still get compliments to this day about how much people truly enjoyed our wedding. They say it was the best wedding food they have had and it was such a beautiful venue. David and I felt so loved as our friends and family swarmed our sweetheart table to say hello and give us their blessings. The night was full of long overdue reunions and conversations with friends and family. David stayed by my side the entire night as we interacted with the people closest to us. It was the perfect start to a lifetime with my best friend."


Catering: John Little Catering
Florist: Layered Vintage
Photographer: Analisa Joy Photography
DJ: Tamagni Sound
Coordination: Milagro Winery
Cake: Cute Cakes
Handlettering: Bride
Dress: Justin Alexander from Mon Amie Bridal Salon
Makeup: Shelby McElroy
Hair: Mariam Giahi 


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Megan Creed
October 4, 2017 | Megan Creed

Melanie & Paul // October 2016

Melanie and Paul became wife and husband underneath the arch tree with those closest to them as witnesses. After saying "I do", they celebrated into the cool, gorgeous October night with family and friends. With pops of blue and an array of sunflowers, their dream wedding vision came to life.

"We met in college through mutual friends. Then we had a literature class with a terrible professor (which we bonded over) together and fell in love! We have been together 6 years and 7 months."

"We LOVE camping and try and go as much as possible. We like to hike so we get to do that a lot when we go camping. Traveling together in general is one of the most important things to us."


"Paul proposed to me at my favorite place on Earth! We had never been there together, but he knew how fond I was of La Basilique du Sacre Coeur. So he took me up to the top of the dome at Sacre Coeur, which is the highest point in Paris and overlooks the whole city, and proposed to me. I was SO surprised. I mean, I was really hoping he was going to propose on the trip, but I had NO idea. It was so sweet and romantic!"


"Our wedding day was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. It literally went off without a hitch! From the morning when we got there to get ready, everything was so laid back and easy because Megan and Gabby were so on top of everything. Everything was so beautiful and magical. The setting was rustic and beautiful. The ceremony, which was most anticipated, was so natural, romantic, and, once again, PERFECT! I felt so at home at Milagro while walking down the aisle to tie the knot with the love of my life."


"The reception was the best party ever! So well coordinated, everything flowed so smoothly and it was honestly the most fun we've ever had. It's 2017 and people still talk to us about the memories we all made at Milagro. The market lights, the trees, the wine cave and crush provided the perfect atmosphere for our special day. Paul and I could not have been happier or felt more at home!"

"When Paul proposed in Paris in 2015, we were actually on our way to Ireland the next week for my brother's wedding. And having a destination wedding is really intense! So after that I was like, "I need a breather from weddings; I want a really long engagement!!" Then we went wine tasting at Milagro and I fell so deeply in love with the wine, the property, and the staff. We knew we wanted to get married at the end of October so, while there, we asked what dates were available in October 2016. So we booked 10/29/16 and the rest is history!"

Coordination: Milagro Winery

Photography: Red Trolley Studio

DJ: Juan Collazo with The Wedding Entertainment Collective

Catering: Park Boulevard Catering

Dessert: Sugar and Scribe

Photobooth: The Photo Bus

Florist: I Do Flowers For You

Officiant: Jani Ashmore

Harpist: Victoria Rose

Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo

Men's Suits: Men's Wearhouse & Friar Tux

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Megan Creed
June 29, 2017 | Megan Creed

Kevin & Keshiia // July 2016

Kevin and Keshiia said "I Do" on a beautiful July day under a flowing, white linen and chandelier draped from the Arch tree. Their guests looked on as they performed a coffee bean ceremony, which represented the blending of their lives into one. After witnessing their first kiss as husband and wife, guests moved to the reception area where they had the opportunity to take a polaroid selfie to add to the guestbook. After enjoying dinner, dessert, dancing, and (of course!) wine, guests grabbed their plant favors and said #helloneumens!











Rentals: Patty's Linens

Catering: Park Boulevard

DJ: DJ Tempoe

Photography: Tanya Craft Photography

Dessert: SusieCakes

Videography: Rayne Films

Florist: Elena Cabral

Transportation: Wright Trammel

Makeup: Samantha Bangkot

Hair: Samantha Lopez

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Megan Creed
March 29, 2017 | Megan Creed

Elizabeth & Ryan // May 2016

Spring is finally here, which means the property is lush, blooming, and coming alive. The beautiful greenery made its appearance during Elizabeth and Ryan's May nuptials and made for a perfect day for a wedding. 


Photography: Studio 19

Catering: Jeremy's on the Hill

Italian Soda Bar: Packard's Coffee

Cake: Candied Apple Pastry Co.

Flowers: Snowberry Studio

Dress: The Dress Theory

DJ: Elite British DJ

Ceremony/Happy Hour Guitarist: Miles Moynies

Hair/Makeup: Beauty by Stacey

Coordination: Milagro


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Megan Creed
February 1, 2017 | Megan Creed

Meet Your Wedding Team

Photography by Red Trolley Studio

Milagro Winery has been dedicated to creating exquisite wine for many years and decided to embark into the world of weddings in 2012. In late 2014, Melissa Herring joined the Milagro Team as the Wedding and Events Manager and set her sights on creating a sought after venue in San Diego. Melissa hired Megan Creed as her Wedding and Events Assistant just a few months later. 2015 saw 50 beautiful weddings and turned out to be a fantastic first year for the team. Coming into 2016, both Melissa and Megan had the desire to continue to grow, improve, and refine the wedding side of Milagro. With an additional 50 weddings booked for 2016, the girls decided to search for an intern and chose Gabby Sweet to join the team. After a successful year, Gabby was hired as the Wedding and Events Assistant, and completed the Milagro wedding team that is in action today.

Melissa Herring - Wedding and Events Manager

Melissa is a native to San Diego. She graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a degree in Sociology and received her Certification for Wedding Planning near the end of her college career. She joined the wedding industry nearly 6 years ago. She began by interning with coordinators all over San Diego for 3 years, including Tres Chic Affairs. She has always had a passion for planning events and loved the idea that every wedding is different. Aside from the love between the couple, her favorite thing about weddings is watching everyone have a great time during open dancing, where the couple and guests get loose and celebrate all the work that was put into planning their special day. Specifically, her favorite wedding moment at Milagro has been difficult to choose because there are many. One moment she will never forget is when Hannah Ivy's wedding dress broke moments before we got her to the aisle. It was raining and they were in the golf cart at the moment and had nothing to fix her dress, but Melissa happened to find a paper clip and used it to clip her zipper into the lace of the dress and cover it up with her sash. It is a moment she will never forget and loves knowing a "worst case scenario" turned into a great moment to look back on and appreciate. Her ultimate professional goal is to become a consultant for wedding venues in San Diego. She loved creating Milagro Weddings basically from scratch and building it into what it is today. Melissa married her husband Kyle in a beautiful beach ceremony in August 2014 and they had their first son, Carter, in August 2016. 

Favorite Wine (Since I don't drink Starbucks): Mohua (New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc)
Favorite Book: Any book written by Ellen Hopkins 
Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
Bucket List Travel Destination: New Zealand 

Megan Creed - Wedding and Events Assistant Manager

Megan is also a native to San Diego. She is currently attending the University of San Diego and is working on a Bachelor's degree in Communication. She has been in the wedding industry for 5 years and found a love for planning events while being involved in ASB at her high school. After graduating high school, she interned with a coordinator, briefly worked with a florist, and even had the opportunity to assist in the styling of a styled shoot that was featured in San Diego Style Weddings. Megan has loved weddings for as long as she can remember. Her organized, creative side and infatuation with Say Yes to the Dress sparked the idea of getting into the industry. Her favorite thing about weddings are the moment the groom watches his bride walk down the aisle and the father-daughter dance (always gets choked up!) Her favorite thing about weddings at Milagro is the connection she makes with couples and the moment at the end of the night when they are so thankful for the job she did. One moment in particular is when she gave a venue tour to Lexis, Jon, and both of their mothers on a rainy day. Jon offered to drive everyone in his car instead of Megan's since they could not use the golf cart. Megan felt an immediate connection with them and enjoyed working with them throughout the entire process. Her ultimate professional goal is to build and own a beautiful venue and work alongside Melissa as a venue consultant. She feels so fortunate to have found a job she enjoys and been given two lifelong friends in the process. 

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Iced coffee with almond milk
Favorite Book: "The Girl You Left Behind" by Jojo Moyes 
Favorite Movies: Stuck in Love, Across the Universe, Memoirs of a Geisha
Bucket List Travel Destination: Germany

Gabby Sweet - Wedding and Events Assistant

Gabby is originally from Steilacoom, Washington, which is roughly 45 mins south of Seattle. She graduated from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) with a hospitality degree and focus in event planning. She has been in the industry for 6 years and her event planning experience ranges from banquet catering to stadium concerts and sweet sixteens to national food festivals. She always knew that she wanted to create memorable events for people and was lucky enough to be able to be a part of one of the biggest days of their lives. Her favorite thing about weddings is the grand entrance, especially when the full bridal party is involved. This is the part of the wedding when you can literally see all of the stress fade away. The bridal party gets to act silly and celebrate their friends new union. It makes her so happy to see them have fun! Since joining the Milagro team, her favorite memory was Katie and Kelson's wedding was because it was one of her first weddings she worked. Katie had such a beautiful vision for her day- it was almost a bonus to get to do all the setting up! Every guest at the wedding was so sweet and she hardly felt like their coordinator. You could see the love in Katie and Kelson's eyes for each other a mile away. She aspires to own an event planning business in addition to an event venue. She hopes that she can still be involved as a coordinator even as the business owner because there is nothing better than actually seeing clients enjoy the day that you have created for them. She feels lucky to get to work with two of the most knowledgeable wedding people in the industry as she is just starting out. She has learned so much from Melissa and Megan and is so lucky to have such talented coworkers and even better friends!

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Iced Americano with almond milk
Favorite Book: "Born a Crime" by Trevor Noah
Favorite Movie: A Little Princess
Bucket List Travel Destination: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Melissa, Megan, and Gabby are very passionate about what they do and put their all into each and every wedding. The Milagro wedding team is looking forward to working with their 2017 couples as well as all of their future clients. 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Red Trolley Studio for taking our headshots and group photos. Red Trolley is a company like no other because of the passion they have in every project that they work on. They value love, family, friendships, and experiences. These values are evident in their work and we are lucky to have been able to work with a group of people that are so genuine. Take a peek below at some photos from their visits at Milagro. 

Milagro offers 110 acres of stunning property and endless opportunities for the perfect photo spots.

Melanie & Paul celebrating after their ceremony in October 2016. 

The Milagro Lake.

Melanie and Paul overlooking the Ramona Valley. 

The team would also like to thank Wow...Your Beauty Concierge for the beautiful hair and makeup they did on Melissa, Megan, and Gabby. Their team specializes in hair extensions, bridal hair, and airbrush makeup and have been in the industry for years. 

If you are interested in learning more about Milagro weddings and meeting with one of the team members, please email The team looks forward to meeting you! 

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