winery tour

Join us on our walking tour that will take you from vine to glass with an educational stroll through our vineyards. PLUS you’ll get a sneak peek inside our production facility. Our wonderful server Gabrielle is a level one sommelier and has a background in viticulture and basic enology.

To begin the tour, you will stroll through our Barbera vines and learn about the life cycle of a grape and the basics of viticulture. Then make your way to one of our scenic points on our property, where you will hear about the history of Milagro and the Ramona Valley AVA. You will also have the chance to enjoy a pour of one of our club member exclusive wines! While tasting, Gabrielle will utilize her sommelier training to demonstrate how to taste wine like a professional.

After tasting, it’s on to our production room where Gabrielle will describe everything that the grape goes through from after harvest to bottle. Come and join us today!

Tours are offered on Saturdays and Sundays (subject to change). They are approximately 20 minutes in length.